Monday, 18 April 2016

Cruising Life is here!

Yo ho ho! It's a Sailor's Life for Me!

Yes, I am officially a sailor. Well not quite... I have performed on my first two cruises with Fred Olsen and loved them. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, staff and passengers alike. The first one was on board the M/S Braemar which took me all the way to the sunny shores of the Caribbean Islands. I saw so many of them that they all blend into one. Some of the highlights on this cruise have to be a 4 wheel drive Jeep scenic tour in Barbados and mountain biking in St Maarten (you can check out the many photos I uploaded on my Facebook page). The second cruise to the Azores, Cape Verde and the Canaries was on the M/S Boudicca. Unfortunately, this one started on a bit of a low as I was ill with a throat virus which made me lose my voice. Luckily we were at sea for 4 days sailing to Praia da Vitoria, so I just stayed in my cabin ordering room service, resting, steaming and healing. It is the most frustrating thing as a singer to lose ones voice for obvious reasons. My show was postponed and a week later I was back on with bells on. The shows on both ships went brilliantly well and I enjoyed every second of them. 
The concerts on the Braemar were filmed and you can see snippets from them here. I know a lot of passengers asked for the videos to be included in the cruise DVD but unfortunately that wasn't possible, so I hope you enjoy the snippets.  
I am currently getting ready for a few shows I have coming up. One is in Cardiff and two are in London. The most exciting one is Israel's main 68th birthday event in London which this year is themes as a Eurovision Extravaganza and I will be sharing the stage with the 1996 competition winner with the song Diva, Dana International. I am really excited! I'll be singing a selection of some of the best Israeli entries over the years including my favourites A-BA-NI-BI and Hallelujah. 
I hope to see you there!

In June and July I am cruising again which is rather exciting. I particularly look forward to sailing to to Norway in June on the Black Watch and to Portugal in July returning to the lovely Boudicca.
Until my next blog, I wish all the very best wherever you are. 
Goodbye for now. xxx